Center for Virtualization and Applied Spatial Technologies

The University of South Florida’s CVAST works to document, preserve, and protect the world’s cultural and natural heritage through the use of digital visualization, geospatial technologies, informatics, and 3D virtualization.

Digital Scholarship in Action (DSIA)


On March 2nd in the frame of the 1st edition of the Digital Scholarship in Action (DSIA) promoted by the USF Libraries, faculty and staff of the Center for Virtualization and Applied Spatial Technologies engaged the audience presenting with their students on the topic of digital humanities.

Participants: Dr Davide Tanasi, Myriam van Walsum, Michelle Assaad, Christine Bergmann, Jack Geier, Alexandr Saxe.

Topic: 'Cognitio ex Machina': Digital Archaeology, Edutainment and Virtual Museums.

Download the presentation: Powerpoint PDF

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