FARO Focus3D x330 and x330 HDR

The FARO Focus3D is a high-speed, phase-shift 3D laser scanner that captures detailed 3D point cloud datasets of objects and environments. The Focus3D is capable of collecting point data at a range of up to 330 meters and up to 976, 000 points per second.

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FARO Edge Arm

The FARO Edge Arm is a laser line triangulation 3D scanner that permits for the rapid collection of point cloud data with high resolution and accuracy. The handheld laser line probe is affixed to an articulating arm and tripod system allowing for the easy maneuvering around objects during data collection. The FARO Arm has an accuracy of up to 0.024mm.

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FARO Freestyle

The FARO Freestyle3D is a handheld 3D scanner that uses structured light and infrared camera technology to document objects and environments in 3D and color. The Freestyle is designed to collect data at close-range, and these data can be easily combined in the native software with 3D point cloud data collected with the FARO Focus3D.

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DJI Phantom 4

The DJI Phantom 4 is a quadcopter style drone utilized for aerial photography, HD video recording, and the photogrammetric image capturing of landscape features.

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6m3 Skyhook Helikite

The Skyhook Helikite is the workhorse of the Helikite aerostat range. Designed to lift considerable payloads to higher altitudes than is possible with any other similar sized aerostats. CVAST uses the Helikite for aerial photography in order to create complete 3D models of large archaeological sites through the use of photogrammetry. This method is particulalry useful in urban areas, where drone flying is usually restricted. Another advantage is the Helikite's ability to lift multiple sensors, as opposed to the average drone.

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Artec Eva

The Artec Eva is a handheld, structured light 3D scanner that captures both the 3D geometry of objects in high resolution and object color/texture information. The Eva is designed to collect data at close range and with a point accuracy of 0.1mm.

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Konica Minolta Vivid 9i

The Konica Minolta Vivid 9i is a tripod-based, laser triangulation 3D scanner that captures both the 3D geometry of objects in high resolution and object color/texture information. The Vivid 9i is designed to collect data a close range and has an accuracy of up to 0.05mm.

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Trimble GEO 7x Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)

The Trimble GEO 7x unit is a handheld GNSS device that can be used in conjunction with an external antenna for the collection of decimeter grade data. The device is capable of receiving Navstar GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou, and QZSS signals, has an integrated 5 megapixel camera and a laser range finder, and uses Terrasync software.

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Canon EOS 5DS

The Canon EOS 5DS DSLR camera captures high resolution images for site photographic documentation purposes and the photo-texturing of 3D models captured with 3D scanning.

HTC Vive

Vive is a first-of-its kind virtual reality system developed in partnership by HTC and Valve. Designed from the ground up for room-scale VR, Vive allows true-to-life interactions and immersive experiences thanks to stunning graphics, HD haptic feedback and 360˚ motion tracking.

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