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Tampa, Florida, United States

Dr. Davide Tanasi (CVAST – Department of History) has undertaken the overall reappraisal of the Karam collection of archaeological artefacts kept in the Special Collection Department of the University of South Florida Libraries, in order to virtualize it and share it digitally with the public. The project has an important pedagogic component as undergraduate students of the Department of History as fully involved in the production of the 3D models via the application of techniques such 3D Scanning and Digital Photogrammetry, providing them with valuable technical skills, but also allowing them the opportunity to interact with ancient primary source materials in Special Collections.

University of South Florida Libraries Dean, Todd Chavez, has placed a renewed emphasis on the library’s role in student success and research at University of South Florida. Collaborative efforts like the VKaram project are just one example of the USF library’s new vision.

Dr. Tanasi scanning a bust of Hadrian

3D models

The Farid Karam Antiquities Collection at USF by CVAST on Sketchfab


The following animation resulted from a meshed 3D model created with our Faro Edge Arm.

A limestone male portrait, part of the Karam collection

In 1998, Dr. Farid Karam and his wife Jehanne generously donated their collection of Roman and Phoenician antiquities to the University of South Florida Libraries - Special Collections Department. This collection consists of 149 objects, including jars, bottles, oil lamps, unguentaria, busts, and figures. Most of the items come from Roman Syria, a wealthy province on the Eastern Mediterranean, and date from the 1st through the 4th centuries AD.

Highlights of the Karam Collection

University of South Florida Libraries - Special Collections Department

Head of Jupiter - Serapis
Polychrome glass vial
Statuette of Aphrodite and Eros

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